Thank you for visiting Calvary Missionary Baptist Church.  Calvary is a fundamental, non-charismatic, Bible-believing Church. We are an assembly of baptized believers who are committed together to carry out the work of the Lord Jesus Christ.

What We Believe:


The Bible is our all-sufficient rule of faith and practice. We believe the Bible is…
God’s revelation of Himself to mankind
the inspired Word of God
perfect and without error
preserved by God forever
preserved in the English language in the King James Version (KJV)


God is the loving Creator of all things. We believe God is…
manifested in the Holy Trinity: God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit
eternal, self-existent, and completely perfect in every way
all-knowing, all-powerful, and all present


Jesus is the second person in the Holy Trinity. We believe Jesus…
is the eternally pre-existent God
is the only Savior for mankind
lived a perfect, sinless life as a human being
freely gave His life on the cross as payment for the sins of the world
conquered death, hell and the grave in His bodily resurrection
freely offers salvation to everyone who repents and believes on Him


The Holy Spirit is the third person in the Holy Trinity. We believe the Holy Spirit…
convicts the world of sin, righteousness and judgment
regenerates, sanctifies, and seals those who are born again by repentance of sins and faith in Jesus Christ


The Church is a local assembly of baptized believers who have committed themselves together to carry out the Lord’s Work. We believe the Church…
began on the sea shores of Galilee when Jesus began calling out His disciples
was empowered on the Day of Pentecost by the Holy Spirit
is to faithfully carry out the Great Commission of preaching the gospel to the world beginning in our community; baptizing those who believe in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost; and teaching those believers to obey all things Christ commanded.


See our Doctrinal Statement for more information about what we believe.